We are received at the head office in Székesfehérvár of Hydro Extrusion Hungary (the former SAPA) by the Hungarian HR director. Having established the business here, they decided to work with NEXON solutions. They are evidently satisfied with their choice of partner, as they are using all but one of NEXON’s software applications. We talked with József Horváth, former Director of HR.


What are management’s expectations regarding human resources management?
Management not only expects that the HR team is a strategic business partner, but also that it provides employee-related data quickly, accurately and custom-tailored to their needs.  Workforce cost is an important item in calculating the whole production cost of, for example, an aluminum car component to be delivered to a multinational car manufacturer customer. To calculate costs correctly, we need to know exactly how much time of which production workers is devoted to making the component, and what the wages of those employees are.

We not only administer our employees, but we also provide the up-to-date data required for decision making.

I do not suppose that you made a random choice when selecting the HR system.
No, we did not. 4 or 5 offers were reviewed before the final decision was made in favor of NEXON. One decisive factor was the previous positive experience of a few of my colleagues with NEXON systems.  However, this alone would not have been sufficient grounds for coming to a decision. Several other properties of the system also played an important role, such as the level of integration and the use of a single database. The new system had to be able to integrate with our existing systems. Finally, we appreciated the expertise and the quality of support that NEXON stands for. Our requirements were really tough, as it is our policy to keep pace daily with employee turnover, to measure employee retention and to carry out HR controlling. As I said, HR is the strategic partner of the company management.

 The system support enables our 8-member HR team, a really lean organization, to manage the HR tasks of a huge company employing 1000 people.

In what way did you see the advantages of HR being supported by IT?
The advantage of an integrated HR system is that the implementation process forces one to clarify all HR processes.  In consequence, work becomes more efficient, as data needs to be recorded only once yet it is accessible from anywhere. The system support enables our 8-member HR team, a really lean organization, to manage the HR tasks of a huge company employing more than 1000 people. One example was when we had to quickly process 200 CVs during a recruitment project, which was made possible by use of the NEXONjob software.  Or, take the flexible benefits declaration form-filling via the web.  

How would you describe your experience of working with NEXON?
What I really like is the integrated nature of the system, its comprehensiveness and the excellent way that it manages historical data. Navigation is easier than in any other systems I know, and data is available easily and quickly. I must add that we have received great support and we maintain active and ongoing contact with the NEXON team. I know you hardly ever hear this when it comes to big IT projects, but here even the implementation process went smoothly. Of course, as theory predicts, the implementation of any system will be followed by adjustment of the internal processes. Both parties in the cooperation are important; NEXON’s products, expertise and support complimented my colleagues’ readiness and experience to enable us to work well together, and we are absolutely proud of the success that we have jointly achieved.   


József Horváth

Retired Personnel Director of Sapa Profiles Kft, he has a strong technical background as a machine production technologist. His initial departure from this technical field was when he moved to deal with adult and vocational training and workforce development. After 17 years of this came the second change in his career when the company transferred to American ownership and he was appointed Head of HR. A third career shift followed when the global product division was sold to a Scandinavian owner, at which point he became responsible for providing HR support for the founding of Sapa Profiles Kft and for implementing integrated HR systems.