National Payroll Championship

We started the National Payroll Championship (NPC) competition in 2013, in conjunction with the Budapest Economic College, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Indsutry, and the National Tax and Customs Administration. With more than  1000 participants in 2015,  the object of the Championship was to draw attention to the importance of payroll professionals. In addition to organising and running the competition each year, Nexon provides total 2 million HUF in proze money to reward the top 10 competitors. We also offer scholarships and intern opportunities for the top 30 student competitors.

Dunakeszi Tennis Club Sport Associtaion

Since 2004, we have been providing the clob with materials and organizational support for competitors and competitions. In 2014 we signed an agreement with the Dunakeszi Local Government and the Dunakeszi Tennis Club Sport Association, that provides free of charge tennis tuition for Dunakeszi’s first year schoolchildren.

A Drop of Attention Foundation’s introduction program

Within the higher education system, there is no official program to introduce future educators to the topic of diabetes. The Foundation therefore decided to start running a half-day education course about diabetes for nursery and kindergarten educators. In addition to contributing financial support, NEXON also provided the venue and catering for the participants.

Support of HOA

At Christmas, Nexon took part in the Association of Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Providers initiative to distribute non-perishable foodstuff to the needy in Bereg district.  In celebration of our 25th business anniversary, our employees contributions allowed us to hand over 25 boxes of sustainable food to the program.

Zugló Philharmonic Orchestra

The Zugló Philharmonia participates in the Saint Stephen Symphony Orchestra and Oratorio Choir concert competitions.

The orchestra, which celebrated it’s 60th anniversary in 2014, received the Hungarian Heritage Award in 2010 and was awarded the title of National Youth Orchestra in 2011-13. NEXON supports their concerts series through buying season tickets, using which our employees can attend performances.

International Children's Rescue Service

NEXON supports the activities of the International Children's Safety Service by buying tickets to each of the various charitable and commercial events held every year.


In previous years we have supported the Hungarian Handball Association’s Referees Section to help ensure that referees can participate at international training courses and matches.  We also supported the „pink whistle” promotion run by the Women’s Handball Section of Érd Sport, which had the objective of educating children about the work of referees.


We consider ourselves responsible for the continuous improvement of our colleagues’ working conditions, the preservation of their health and the operation of motivation programs that support their professional development.