Our management team
  • Lajos Hunyady

    Director of business development and sales

    Sales is the face of NEXON. The sales department is our direct connection with our existing and potential partners, and I believe an essential business development approach to reach our company's stated goals. Since graduating from BUTE, I have spent my career in the commercial field and have been successfully developing my skills in this area during the past 20 years. My qualifications and experience have together provided an ideal basis for successfully blending IT and sales approaches. Combined several years ago with the existing strengths of NEXON, my background has provided the perfect toolset to ensure as many smiling clients as possible among our partners. As the father of three boys, however, I find that my greatest challenge is to maintain a sensible balance between work and personal life. If time allows it, I travel with my sons and try to re-energize myself through diving into the hidden beauties under the sea with them.

  • SzemerédiZsuzsanna

    Zsuzsanna Szemerédi

    Outsourcing Director

    Outsource is an essential pillar of our company. We do not just receive the trust of our partners – we have to earn it, which also makes us responsible for keeping it. I joined NEXON in 2013, with over 12 years management experience as a professional leader in the service supply and commercial sectors. We work in a task-oriented organization, where professional standards, passion and commitment are the key factors of our success. I believe that a leaders’ personal example fundamentally defines the approach of their team.  Travel and photography are my real passions, often going hand in hand. They represent an open mind, and the reality that the same moment can be very different for each of us.

  • Barna István

    István Barna

    R&D Director

    We are giving birth to the future, and this provides the excitement within our research and development operation as we create NEXON’s next products. Our software and solutions combine innovative knowledge with the latest technology, in a process within which we can never sit back and relax. I graduated in IT and came to NEXON directly from University. Innovation in Hungarian payroll administration has always originated with us, and I was attracted by the outstanding performance that has raised this company to the position of market leader. Time spent with my family is my relaxation, and movement is a vital part of the program. A bike tour in the mountains uplifts me spiritually as well as physically.

  • SzigetiRóza

    Róza Szigeti

    Customer Support Director

    The formula for a good customer care center is simple. Our customers come to us with their questions and problems, we provide them with answers to the questions and solutions for the problems. That sounds easy to do, but it’s not the case! I graduated as a traffic Engineer, however I have worked in the commercial sector since 1992.  I came to NEXON in 2003, and have made my way up the ladder to my present position. I’ve worked with the NEXON payroll system as a payroll specialist, so my knowledge is thorough.  I love Asia, and travel there every year with my partner. We love it because everything is different: the plants, the animals and the customs of the people. I am impressed with the degree of diversity and every day there is different, just as it is at the customer service.

  • Nyeste Judit

    Judit Nyeste

    Head of Finance

    The complexity of the work provides the beauty of finance: we have to oversee the entire operation of the company, the context, the connections and the consequences. It is a considerable responsibility to contribute to the success of the company by supporting managerial decisions with objective and accurate financial information. I joined NEXON in 2010 after spending several years working for multinational enterprises. I begin each day with my dog and end it by playing and walking with him. He’s an Alsatian, he needs movement and play. At weekends my focus is on my garden. I am especially proud of the herbs and spices that I raise myself!