Three quick and easy way to manage home office requests

During the COVID-19 pandemic working from home has come to the fore, and it is sure to remain permanent especially in a hybrid solution.

Our NEXONtime workforce management system provides a quick and easy way to manage this.


In our solutions the home office can currently be managed in three places:


  • in the Absence Planner, employees can submit their claims and managers can accept or refuse it
  • users of the NEXONtime Schedule Planner in the planning (employee application and management assessment) function
  • if there is no application and assessment, the fact of working from home can simply be recorded on the Attendance Sheet

Easy management of home office in the Absence Planner

One of the novelties of our NEXON4 solution is that requesting of home office is already available on the Absence Planner interface.

NEXON_PORT home office


The employee can also request and modify work from home as usual when planning an absence.
All you have to do is select the home work brush that appears in second place among absences.

NEXON_PORT home office2


The request and modification made in the absence planner interface is no different from the request submitted on the screen of my schedule or in the NEXON_PORT + mobile application.
Demand management (depending on the licenses purchased) can be done on any interface, even with mixed use.

Managerial acceptance can also be performed on the interface of the Absence Planner in the usual way.


NEXONtime távolléttervező - otthoni munkavégzés vezetői


Following the assessing, the employee will receive a job announcement notification by e-mail, or in case of using a mobile application, in the form of a mobile notification.

Requested and accepted home work is automatically transferred to the attendance sheet when that day is over.


Find more information on our NEXONtime workforce management system here