NEXON was founded 30 years ago in Hungary

, where it laid the foundations of modern payroll and HR administration through developing its own systems. The company was at the forefront then and remains there today: NEXON is presently the leading payroll company in Hungary, accounting through its systems, directly or indirectly, for the payment of 1 million employees each month.
We are a stable, strong and reliable company working with professional partners such as ADP, the leading HRM provider in the United States.

Our customers include one third of the TOP200 companies in Hungary, companies such as Aldi, LEGO, ERSTE Bank, Tetra Pak, Linde Gas, Unicredit Bank, Sberbank and DM Drogerie Markt.

Our solutions are the latest generation of HR administration and cover the complete HR process, from access control through to payroll calculation. Not only can we offer complete solutions using our own products, we are also able to connect with any existing access control, working hour registration or payroll systems. We provide our customers with excellent and reliable services, and also offer long-term business partnerships.

Work schedule based on traffic data

It is a basic requirement for both industrial and service sectors that manpower availability should match changing capacity requirements. With NEXON’s automated working schedule planner it is possible to plan for this, meaning that the required number of employees will be available during the requested times.

Self-service solutions, digitalization and mobility

Nexon offers unlimited secure access to information and data, anytime, anywhere - including from your employees' mobile devices. Employees have the ability to view attendance sheets, e-payslips, vacation applications and data change notifications using prefilled forms, at the touch of a button and in a paperless fashion. Your employees can carry out their own HR administration tasks, whenever and wherever they have the time.

New user experience

Nexon's products provide easy-to-use, elegant interfaces for employees to quickly and independently carry out HR tasks. Our digital self-service systems are popular with users, because of their ease of use and state of the art design. Our local native language customer support staff are available to our customers in the V4 countries.

Involvement of employees

We have proven that HR administration can be a pleasurable experience, and employees love our systems. Two-way communication is supported, with quick, convenient and efficient access between managers and specific groups of employees, such as maintenance workers or a particular shift. Internal communication is easier, quicker and more precise using our solutions.

Legal and privacy security

We are always in full compliance with the regulatory requirements of the European Union and the GDPR. Our unique business advantage is a thorough knowledge of the local legal environments within the four Visegrád countries. Our systems are up to date with any changes, and therefore we can take full liability. We are a partner of the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration. Our employees teach courses in HR studies at the Kodolányi University.

Hungary’s favourite HR solution provider is available for employers within all of the V4 countries. It will be a privilege for us to talk to you about your requirements. Please contact us!