NEXON declares to perform reliably and continuously all its activities, especially its outsourcing, SaaS, and software update services, even in an emergency situation.

As a responsible business services provider, we have reviewed our business continuity plans, updated our security policies, and determined what needs to be done, taking government and regulatory requirements into account.

We informed our colleagues about the new tasks, significantly reduced their trips within Hungary and abroad, and determined the conditions of working in home office. We have restricted personal travels between our sites, and have enhanced the protection of our offices and our own central office building. Our large events have been cancelled or postponed.

Our activities that have so far required direct contact with our clients - in consultation with them - will be significantly reduced and transformed into remote communication. (Eg: webinar training, teleconferencing, remote installation.) Some of our ad hoc developments are also postponed to ensure greater redundancy for our core services.

Most of our services have been provided to our customers in digital form. The highly reliable SaaS and proprietary cloud services required for this will soon be supplemented by the MS Azure international cloud service.

Our products also enable our clients to manage their HR-tasks, work schedules, shifts and other requirements from their mobile devices without the need for personal presence. So they can take a significant burden and risk off their own and of the company’s shoulders. We are now offering these products at a discount to our partners.

As a market-leading business services provider, we make every effort to keep our services secure in the event of an emergency so that our clients receive all the support they need.