Quality re-designed products made by handicapped artisans

We are a socially sensitive company and not only have a responsibility, we also have an opportunity to shape the world. That is why we decided, among other things, to support the Lamp Foundation, which has been working for almost 30 years to enable hundreds of our disabled people to live in a family environment, employ them, receive artistic training, and take care of children and families in need. The foundation provides value-creating jobs for mentally handicapped peers, where small artisans work in an environmentally conscious way to create quality re-design products and a number of traditional crafts.

As part of a job creation and product development project - supported by the National Institute for Social Policy, Ministry of Human Resources - the foundation’s artisans created the L’UMINA design lamp family, inspired by nature. From the beginning, NEXON also supported this project with its participation: we provided ideas in the planning phase, developed together a marketing plan, we provided tools, organized the presentation etc. As a result, we also feel this family of lamps a little bit of ours, we consider it another result of our conscious social responsibility.

You can read more about the L’UMINA design lamp family at www.lampas92.hu!

L’UMINA is a product family made of a combination of rope and noble wood with an unparalleled and modern design, the design of which was born from the joint work of artists with intellectual disabilities and domestic designers. When selecting materials, the most important consideration was environmental awareness. The high-quality hand-woven cotton rope is available in five color combinations. FSC-certified wood is surface treated with orange oil, which is environmentally friendly and preservative-free. The collection includes a unique candle holder, a special table lamp and a form-breaking pendant lamp.

As a coronation of the whole process and the joint work, the presentation of the product family took place on the terrace of Korhely Restaurant (Liszt Ferenc tér 7.).

Greetings were given by: Katalin Sass, owner-manager of NEXON, Attila Fülöp, State Secretary for Social Affairs of EMMI and Zoltán Varga, President of the Lámpás ’92 Public Benefit Foundation. The host was Ferenc Rákóczi, a radio presenter, who is also one of the enthusiastic supporters and embraces of the Lámpás friends.

One of the L'UMINA lamps was switched on by Katalin Sass, by the Secretary of State Attila Fülöp, by Zoltán Tamás and Ferenc Rákóczi. After that, the craft of rope-making - with the help of craftsmen with disabilities - could also be tried out by those interested.