The results of the NEXON Charity Christmas Donating 2016 Voting are in!

We have asked our partners and colleagues to take part in the joy of gifting and help us decide, how to split the 3 000 000 HUF meant for Christmas charity among 4 foundations. On 9th January we have closed the voting. Based on more than 1 200 votes, we support the goals of the following foundations:

  • We provide 1 020 000 HUF for the continued work of the Authism Foundation’s adult club.
  • We support the Foodbank Association with 810 000 HUF in order to reach towns in need.
  • The One Drop Attention Foundation’s teaching program receives 750 000 HUF.
  • NEXON also donates 420 000 HUF to the King Saint Stephen Music Foundation, to support the Pastorale program series for young children.

 We thank our partners and colleagues for their votes and participation!