The strengthening of the service sector is also an important city interest, emphasized Mayor László Papp at the opening of the office.

In response to the rapid growth rate of the region and the professional service needs of local companies, NEXON opened its new payroll and HR outsourcing service center in Debrecen. The Debrecen office currently performs payroll accounting for 6,400 employees of 19 companies, but their plans include continuous expansion and the creation of additional jobs.


Új szolgáltatóközpontot nyitott a NEXON Debrecenben


For more than 30 years, NEXON has been a key player in Hungarian payroll and human resources software development and outsourcing services. The payroll and HR data of one million employees of nearly 3,000 companies are managed and accounted for with NEXON software.

The location of regional development directions and domestic and multinational greenfield investments necessitated the establishment of regional service offices in addition to NEXON's headquarters in Budapest. In order to directly serve their customers, in addition to the four regional offices so far (Győr, Veszprém, Kecskemét, Nyíregyháza), the company has opened its fifth service center in Debrecen.

"Our goal was to launch our new service center in a city where the infrastructure is constantly evolving, in addition to our existing offices. And Debrecen is such a place," said Katalin Sass, owner and managing director of NEXON.

- NEXON is at the forefront of the digitalisation of the HR profession. Our 4th generation system, using state-of-the-art technology, offers mobility and a whole new customer experience. We believe that HR can be an experience, and NEXON's e-HR solutions dictate the pace for this. We want to be present in Hungary as a leading human resources service provider in the future as well. The opening of our service center in Debrecen is a significant milestone in this, added Szilárd Ocskay, owner and managing director of NEXON.

Új szolgáltatóközpontot nyitott a NEXON Debrecenben

Mayor László Papp, who took part in the opening, emphasized that in recent years, mainly productive investments have arrived in Debrecen. But today the city can also offer a serious offer for "A" category office buildings to the service companies settling here.

"- The development of the city is unprecedented, we are living in a period that we will think back to in decades as one of the most successful periods of economic development in Debrecen," said László Papp. " But it is important to maintain a balance between the different sectors of the economy. That is why I am very happy with this office opening. After all, a purely Hungarian-owned company opens a regional center in the field of finance and human services. "

NEXON launched its payroll and HR outsourcing business in 1996. The world has changed a lot since then: today, employees receive an electronic payroll, so the service requires far less paper to be used for printing and enveloping. The data traffic takes place via a secure communication channel and the downloadable documents are electronically signed. The company's self-service HR solution and mobile application should not be lacking for customers who choose outsourced payroll accounting, and it is even used by a wider range of them.

Új szolgáltatóközpontot nyitott a NEXON Debrecenben

Új szolgáltatóközpontot nyitott a NEXON Debrecenben

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