Everything that's hot right now in HR

November 7th will see NEXON's 2017 conference, providing Vitamin HR for your Autumn!  The conference offers a vitamin-rich range of knowledge for HR professionals and corporate managers.  The market leading Payroll and HR application providers' event focuses on highly relevant current topics, such as the growing issue of employee fluctuation and the upcoming introduction of the EU's personal data protection regulation, GDPR.  Many presentations about HR's hottest topics will be given by recognised experts in their field.

From GDPR to employee retention


Attendees to the NEXON Vitamin HR conference will learn about:

  • what changes the introduction of GDPR will force upon us
  • who has responsibility for data security, of own data or outsourced
  • what opportunities are presented through the use of e-signatures
  • how we can use the social media presence of prospective employees to create profiles, whether this is ethical, and if this can be compatible with GDPR.

NEXON's traditional November conference offers us a therapeutic approach regarding possible solutions to real current problems. Check out the event's official website for the full program, and mark November 7th in your diary as Vitamin HR day for your organisation!