In Hungary, young people with intellectual disabilities have very few opportunities. This is not good. But it's good that we can change that ratio too. Because not only do we have a responsibility, but we also have the opportunity to shape the world!

An unusual exhibition was held at NEXON. A special, unique exhibition that is very close to us:Lampas '92 Public Foundation is hosting an exhibition with us.

The creators of the exhibition are young adults with intellectual disabilities who express their thoughts and feelings with the aid of fine arts.

The use of art and ornaments in the Foundation's art program shows how sensitive these people are to our world. Together, the NEXON community and the mentally handicapped young people around the Foundation want to demonstrate that we are open to each other and to the world.


This is why the NEXON ARTIST BREAK - Exhibition of Disabled Artists at the NEXON Headquarters was created.


The exhibition was opened by Katalin Sass, managing director of NEXON, patron of the exhibition, art curator Zsuzsa Gadó, and Zoltán Varga, president of the Lámpás'92 Foundation.

The artistic director of the program is Hunor Pető Munkácsy Prize-winning artist.

From April 3, 2019, the exhibition will be on view at the headquarters for six weeks.

All interested are welcome!