NEXONbér, NEXONhr, NEXONcafé at TIGAZ Group. Interview with Tímea Derzsi - workforce-management and development team leader.


What comes to your mind when thinking about NEXON?

NEXON’s system is precise, reliable and user-friendly. The fact that employee pay slips and the easy-to-use benefits selection process are accessible via the internet makes it a really flexible solution.  As a result, we eliminated a huge amount of administrative work. It also makes our employees really happy that they can access their documents online any time they want. 

What factors made you decide to implement NEXON’s system?

Firstly we conducted thorough market research, then we engaged in personal discussions and studied the system from A to Z before we finally made up our minds.  NEXON’s proved to be the most user-friendly and flexible of all the systems we saw on the market.  What influenced our decision was that the system meets our complex needs, that there is a reliable reminder function that makes administrators’ life easier, and that we were provided with practical solutions which allowed us to reduce our administrative workload.

How many employees’ HR data is managed by the NEXON applications?

Tigáz Group currently has a workforce of 1600 employees, and HR service for them is performed by a staff of only 12. Through the implementation of NEXON’s systems, the workload for our HR staff is now optimal.

Through the implementation of NEXON’s systems, the workload for our HR staff is now optimal.

What advantages were delivered by NEXON’s systems, when compared to the systems previously used by your company?

The NEXONbér software offers a reminder function that reminds the user of important deadlines, which definitely makes HR work more convenient and precise. The general reporting tool enables us to flexibly prepare lists and reports for top management.


Derzsi Tímea’s CV

Tímea has worked for Tigáz for 6 years. Since her graduation from University, she has been head of HR at several foreign-owned companies, each employing 500-600 people.

She is presently head of workforce management and training. This makes her responsible for all HR related areas and for major HR development projects. The centralized HR department (controlled from Hajdúszoboszló) is in charge of recruitment, selection, training, workforce management, payroll and social security for all of Hungary.  A great degree of flexibility and highly reliably HR systems are required, in order to effectively perform duties which are varied in both nature and location.