Demeter Judit

Glencore Holding previously used separate software applications for each HR administration task. In implementing NEXON’s integrated HR system, their goal was to automate the payroll and workforce administration as much as possible, so that they could not only reduce the amount of errors but also free up a lot of HR staff time. Through introduction of the self-service system they could even manage to increase employee satisfaction. An interview with Judit Demeter HR-director.


Why did you choose NEXON’s services? Why did you decide to significantly expand the NEXON software?
When I joined Glencore Holding as HR Director in 2016, I was immediately faced with the problem of different methods for handling employee and labour data. There were separate software applications for payroll and for vacation planning, and most of the administration was done on paper.
This caused many inaccuracies and was not reasonable for the workforce, resulting in employee dissatisfaction.
We therefor decided to expand the NEXON system, because we wanted to implement applications that communicate with each other and allow data transfer.
It was also an important consideration that we be able to connect the access control system of our factory in Foktő to the payroll inputs.

Our most important goal was to automate the payroll and workforce administration as much as possible, so that we could not only reduce the amount of errors, but also free up a lot of time for our HR staff.

How much more does the integrated system give you?
Most of the paper-based administration has been discontinued. For example, the attendance sheets, vacation planning, payslips and shift schedules are now handled via the integrated NEXON applications. Time data is transferred to the payroll software at the touch of a button, saving a lot of time.


Employee satisfaction has also increased as a result of the transparency and traceability of the payroll process.

What experience do you personally have about using the software?
It is user friendly, both the employee and the manager interfaces are easy to use. The application itself is esthetical, with its use of tiles it is similar to the menu system used on smartphones. 

The implementation of the self-service system effects all employees of the company. How did you solve the internal communication, and what was the feedback from the employees?

The initial resistance and aversion was treated as a natural reaction to anything new, and we tried to give our employees all the help they needed. We prepared information materials, provided test periods and gave talks to the employees. Several times NEXON’s experts provided education for our colleagues on site, they solved all problems within a short time and answered all of our questions.

Our employees are happily using the NEXON self-service system even in a factory environment. In the factories, there is a networked computer in the plant manager's office and we asked for an email address for everyone from central IT. Each employee logs in to his or her site at least once a month, since he or she can conveniently download the payslip from there, at the right time for her or for him. And the company no longer has to mail these documents or distribute them, which reduces the administrative burden and contributes to the paperless environment.


A few years have passed since introduction. How do you see your goals being achieved?


We have fully achieved our goals. After launching in January 2017 and solving the initial problems, we have achieved a perfect payroll calculation from April onwards – to the highest satisfaction of our colleagues – and we have kept up this performance ever since.

The workload of the HR team has gradually decreased, as operation of the new software has become a routine. We can use the time freed up to do other value-creating tasks,

which has significantly improved the role and perception of HR within the organisation.