Hidrofilt introduced NEXON’s payroll, HR, cafeteria, time and attendance and NEXON_PORT employee self-service systems. We talked with Krisztina Borsos, Quality Assurance Manager, and Zoltán Gazdig former IT Leader.


HIDROFILT Ltd was established in 1990 by Hungarian professionals in order to offer high quality solutions for water and industrial wastewater treatment, and to manufacture and distribute water treatment appliances. In 2014 they have had an annual revenue of 4 billion HUF, employed 100 workers and offered a unique product portfolio, with highly professional staff throughout Central Europe. In addition to the Hungarian market, they export to Europe and to the far East.


Gazdig Zoltán: Our bookkeeping and payroll are contracted out to a freelance entrepreneur. We had many problems, because with our previous software we couldn’t see our employees’ master data. We could only produce reports manually, however, due to our growth we needed many reports and statements.

When we introduced the Navision ERP system in 2011, we expected the payroll component to allocate headcount costs to projects. As we kept the worktime invested into projects in Excel, we had to continuously correct the differences manually. It took up a lot of time.

We examined many offerings while we were choosing the new software. During the software demonstration it became apparent that NEXON’s solution met all of our expectations. Everything ran smoothly.  As an IT leader I would like to highlight that I liked NEXON’s professional attitude: they treated us as their partner throughout the project.

Our methods of delegation and apportioning allowances is quite complicated, so we asked for a custom development which was also delivered on schedule.  So now we no longer perform any manual administration, as everything is documented and audited.  Information data can be quickly and easily queried from the applications, so we can produce the necessary reports required by management on time.

Since the implementation, our questions and requests have been dealt with by NEXON’s customer center.  I can honestly tell you that I am completely satisfied with them.

The NEXON_PORT self-service system is used by 60 employees via our intranet. NEXON_PORT is highly intuitive and user-friendly, so we did not require any formal training.  We currently do not have any HR staff, so we rely on NEXON_PORT to ensure that HR administration will be faster and more precise.


The NEXON_PORT self-service system is highly intuitive and user-friendly, so we did not require any formal training.

We will shortly open a new plant in Érd with 25 employees. With web based NEXONtime and NEXON_PORT we will also be able to integrate those new colleagues into the HR system.


Borsos Krisztina: Zoltan explained that we don’t have any HR staff. NEXON’s solution also offers us professional HR help to deal with this. From September, we established a common R&D centre with Pannon University and city of Nagykanizsa. Now, we can confidently hire employees with non-standard Labor code regulations, as NEXON’s software solution also helps us in this area.

Additionally, using NEXONtime’s Workforce Scheduler means that we can think in advance about how we can modify our schedules when we receive huge or urgent orders.

To summarize the benefits of NEXON’s solution: up-to-date data, management reports on demand, wage costs can be allocated across projects, we get precise data about working hours, we have flexible workforce schedule planning, and finally faster HR administration with the self-service system.


In selecting our new software we examined several solutions. NEXON proved during the demonstrations that their integrated applications can meet all our expectations.