Kállay Csongor

In order to become more efficient and more accurate in planning, Tesco decided to further develop NEXONtime, first introduced 10 years ago. We talked with Csongor Kállay, the former HR director of Tesco Herceghalom logistic base.


NEXON’s time and attendance system has been in use for 10 years at Tesco’s Herceghalom logistic base, which employs 700 workers. The hardware serves the functions of access control and attendance time-keeping. From the time and attendance system the time-keeping data is automatically passed to NEXON’s payroll software. Why did Tesco decide to further improve NEXONtime?

Tesco re-organized its distribution processes at CEE level, resulting in further efficiency improvements within the company. Resource optimization started first at the operational level, then in the area of administration.  In the HR department the main goals were to decrease the administrative workload, and for HR to become an internal service provider.

The main goals were to decrease the administrative workload, and for HR to become an internal service provider.

NEXON’s integrated solution replaced our previous in-house workforce schedule planner, which was Excel based. We had high expectations that the NEXONtime scheduler would satisfy our special online needs.  In addition, we sought a solution that would enable us to reliably conform to the regulatory requirements of workforce planning.


Why did you choose NEXON for workforce planning?

We needed a more complete solution which could support HR. We had previously used NEXONtime, so we knew from experience that NEXON had always shown a flexible attitude towards our requests, and that the software itself could be expanded. So our decision was clear. We got a solution which fully meets our requirements, at a lower cost when compared to implementing a completely new solution.

How much time did NEXON have to implement the solution?

Very little time, just 4 months altogether to develop and implement it to go-live in Tesco’s logistic center in Herceghalom.  Because of the serious amount of software development required and the short time scale, the scheduling was very tight.

NEXON’s specialists did everything that was necessary in order to have the solution implemented on time.  Thanks to NEXON’s new scheduling and payroll planning software, I can now predict with 99% accuracy the payroll cost for 700 employees.

Did your resource demand decrease following the implementation of this new solution?

Our aim is to significantly decrease the resource required for workforce scheduling and budget planning. We also intend to increase the support function of HR, to increase and optimize our HR processes, and to reduce paper-based documentation.  We are on the right track towards a fully electronic office with reduced resource requirement and administrative overhead. At the operational level, we already see that we can fulfil the same workload at a lower level of budget.


Thanks to the new software we can easily control incorrect personnel scheduling, and this brings its own savings.


What kind of new control functions are available with NEXON’s new solution?

Because the new solution fully integrates our workforce scheduling and its control functions, we can plan, control, modify and monitor our employee’s schedules quickly and easily, and be confident that we are fully meeting the requirements of the Labor Act.  After the first 3 months I can tell you that this functionality meets our expectations.

What kind of new reporting functions do you have now?

NEXON supplied solutions are meeting Tesco’s real operational needs, in that we can check the HR system online any time and report information in real time.  We can see how many employees are punched in by their job type, who works where and what he/she does. We can produce schedule and payroll cost forecasts easily and accurately, and we can approve or modify new resource needs and overtime requests promptly. We expect huge cost savings from resource optimization through use of the new tools.